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From Meme to Hero

Created by SANSHU STUDIOS, a decentralized design studio birthed from the blockchain consisting of artists and designers from around the globe.

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"Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you're the underdog."

What originally started as just a 'meme token' has slowly evolved into an innovative idea yet seen in this space. Through the struggles came progress as SANSHU aims at becoming a global brand, bringing joy to people of all ages!

So, what is Sanshu?

The spirit of Sanshu flows within all of us, ensuring to those around the world that crypto can be cute, fun, and entertaining. Sanshu accomplishes this through the Metaverse, Gaming, NFTs, DeFi, & Powerful Storytelling.

The Myth Of SANSHU

Once the 'Ethereum Crystal' passed down for generations originally by the legendary 'Wooftoshi Nakamoto' was bestowed upon Sanshu. She inherited the 'will of decentralization', which she used to bring balance to the world. Join Sanshu and her friends as they em-bark upon a new adventure!

Gaming + Metaverse

Building on the lore of Sanshu, we wish to further immerse our audience with the use of Gaming, P2E, VR and AR. Later in our roadmap, we'll include a Layer 2 solution that would allow for burns of our community token, as well as let us make near 'gas-less' transactions, opening up a gamut of new possibilities.

Dog Park Version 1.0

Our decentralized application (dApp) Dog Park is a yield farming platform that allows users to farm and stake their tokens. Ninjas will be given the option to earn 'passive income' simply by connecting their wallets. Users who add to our liquidity will be rewarded with our governance token Kibble. Kibble can either be sold for profit or used in our community DAO, which will help shape the future of this organization.

Sanshu Community Token

Renounced Contract

We see both trust and transparency as critically important, reflected in our choice to entirely renounce our community contract. It is impossible to rug pull or make any changes, thus making it genuinely owned by the community.

Deflationary Tokenomics

One of our most prized assets is our deflationary mechanics, which auto-compound 24/7. With our 1% burn and 1% reward, you'll earn passive income on your Sanshu simply by holding.

Our Smart Contract has been fully audited by Solidity Finance

We're not your average dog token.

We've burnt 58% at launch
with 141,000+ transfers so far
Our market cap is currently
1652x smaller than SHIB

Frequently asked questions

Our goal as a studio is for people of all ages to feel the spirit of SANSHU. We wish to bring Sanshu to life as we firmly believe by culturally representing her home of Japan, we'll have the opportunity to attract well-established markets and studios in that region.

We intend to expand the team and recruit members that will be there to walk us through the proper steps necessary to make this vision a reality. We can make this possible through our Manga, Metaverse, DeFi, and Awesome Community. We can make this possible!

The beauty of the 'SANSHU Community Token' lies within the tokenomics. SANSHU was one of the very first dog tokens with deflationary mechanics and burn rewards.

With 1% burn and 1% reward with each transaction, holders can easily earn interest by simply leaving their SANSHU in their wallets. Our yield farming platform 'Dog Park' allows users to farm and stake their tokens and gain an even higher interest. SANSHU makes passive income easy and fun for the investor.

Later down the line we intend to create a Layer 2 solution that will allow for us to far exceed our current limitations.

Unfortunately, the Original Developer 'Sanshu Bro' decided it was best to discontinue MFUND due to lack of resources. We've compensated all MFUND liquidity providers as a means to show our sincerity to the Community for the inconvenience.